600 mg Full Spectrum Bacon Flavor CBD for Pets (No THC)

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  • Item #: 600mg FullSpec Bacon Pet
  • Manufacturer: Halcyon Essentials - Atlanta,GA
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Just like us, dogs and cats benefit for the medicinal value of hemp.  We’ve created full-spectrum CBD product for dogs and cats.  Whether you need to chill your pet out before a thunderstorm or fireworks, soothe achy joints from them getting old, or just give them a daily supplement, Halcyon Essentials Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture for Pets can do it all.

This easy-to-dose formula is low-calorie and sugar-free.  It’s MCT base tastes just like bacon.  It’s safe for human consumption so you can try it too.  It’s delicious!

Add it to your pets’ food, put it on a snack, or squirt it in their mouth – whatever you and your pet prefer!

This is a broad-spectrum product and contains CBD, CBG, CBN. CBC.  This product contains NO THC.

Each 1 oz. bottle contains 600 mg Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.

Click here to view lab report for: (Halcyon Essentials)-600mg Pet Wellness (High CBD)-Tincture

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