750 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (No THC)

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  • Manufacturer: Halcyon Essentials - Atlanta,GA
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Our 750 mg Full-Spectrum CBD is the foundation of cannabinoid supplementation.

We blend 750 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD hemp extract in 1 fl oz of medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT).

The result:  A versatile full-spectrum cannabinoid tincture that includes the enhanced bioavailability and health benefits of MCT oil.

Halcyon Essentials 750 mg Full Spectrum tincture can be taken orally or be added to food, drinks, or smoothies.   It’s convenient dropper top and our custom formulation allows for easy dosing:

1 full dropper contains:

25 mg CBD and cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, CBC.  This product contains NO THC.

For those of you who are creating CBD:THC ratios, 1 drop is approximately 1/2 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol).

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